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 Where insanely fast growth meets highly profitable acquisition deals. 

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Have you ever thought about growing your company so you can sell it for millions of dollars one day? 

That's what we specialize in. 

We partner with companies to create 8 figure cash sales, scale, and negotiate acquisition deals. 

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About Us

The Strategy Loft has been in the works since 2015. 

With years of experience helping companies reach 7 and 8 figures in cash sales, our CEO, Jeweliet Tangen, opened our award winning consultancy.

Since then, we have have helped over 1,000 businesses with their marketing and sales, and have helped negotiated over 8 multimillion dollar deals on behalf of our clients. 

What makes us different, you ask? 

Simple. We win when our clients win. 

We are NOT an agency. 

We become your partner and help you achieve your highest goal: Growing your company to the point where you can cash out for millions. 

Featured Clients

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 Become one of our "featured clients." 

This is perfect for companies who want to hit Inc 5000 growth rates and get their 
product out to mass markets. 

We know, we know... You've heard that before. What make's us different?

Well, collectively we've helped our partners reach millions in subscribers (notoriously one of the hardest businesses to scale), make billions of dollars, and sell hundreds of millions units of products. 

We've also won a few awards for all of our client's success. So, needless to say, you're in good hands. 

But it all starts with a business analysis. 

We have to understand your business, before we can help. 

Click the button below, fill out a short form, and we will preform our signature "diagnosis" 
on your business. 

From there, we will discuss your best options for growth, optimizing, and selling. 

No obligations from filling out the form.

Verified Partners

Here you can find our verified partners. These are people who are approved to represent The Strategy Loft, our services, and our results. 

Our "partners" are people who bring value to us by spearheading deals, managing accounts, and consulting with us on projects. 

If you're speaking to one of our partners and want to make sure they, and we, are legit, look no further. 

(Want to be a partner? Click below.)

Paul Spurlock

Kyle Tresch

Samuel Young

Connie Cruz

Essentially, people who become a "white label" partner bring deals to us that they need help servicing in the marketing, sales, and acquisitions space. 

Sometimes this means you source and close your own leads, and other times we will will actually HELP you close 6 and 7 figure deals for yourself, and partner with us for the delivery. 

It's a win-win. 

Click the button below & schedule a call with our team to see how you can partner with us.

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