Avoid The #1 Cause Of Business Bankruptcy....

The #1 thing in your way of massively growing your company is your marketing & sales teams. 

Think about it... Marketing and sales are THE ONLY way to grow your business. Without 
marketing you run out of leads. And without sales you run out of cash. 

However, despite KNOWING that the importance of good marketing and sales, so 
many companies fail to strategize and build highly effective teams. 

At The Strategy Loft, we fundamentally believe one thing: it is NOT a CEOs job 
(and shouldn't be) to handle all marketing and sales. 

Do you see CEOs of major companies hustling and handling all of their own advertising 
and content? No. That's your team's job. And if you do it right, building an effective means that
you grow FASTER and BIGGER than you ever could have doing it all yourself. 

We're here to help companies skyrocket their revenues by building 
their highly effective sales and marketing departments. 

About Our CEO

Jeweliet Tangen is an award winning consultant who has personally worked with over 1,000 B2B companies on scaling.  She won San Diego Businesswoman of the Year in 2019. 

When asked what's made her so successful she will say, "Giving back is the by far the fastest and most predictable way to generating wealth." 

Her focus now is working with 7+ figure companies and helping them grow to $50M + in sales per year. Some of her most notable client results can be found below. 

When she's not working, Jeweliet's passion is feeding hungry kids.

Twin Flame Project
500% increase in profits within 60 days
Authentic Conversions
3.5x in sales in 3 months
ARIS Wealth Management
From startup to $5M in sales
in the first month
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